How To Know If Your Interior Designer Is Good? Ask Them These Questions!

Even if their advertisements claim that they’re the best in the business, you’ll instantly know who veteran interior designers really are upon first sight. But of course, you couldn’t always rely on body language. However, a good interior designer knows the right questions to ask to ensure a good design.

  1. Your True Love In This Room


It’s a silly question, we know. But a designer who asks you about the one thing you really love in a room inside your home. Surely, you must have something you really treasure in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and etcetera.


This is because the interior designer wants to know what you want when he or she designs your room. Like a psychiatrist, they want to know your tastes. They’re not bound by their ideas alone. They have their own preferences, of course, but the makings of an experienced and professional interior designer is building something new out from something you prefer.


  1. Your Worst Enemy in This Room


Guiding you to a new room, the interior designer should also want to know about the thing you most hate in your room. Surely, there’s something that stands out above the rest. One of those things could be the football game streamer your husband or wife puts up in the room. It could also be that awful cactus in the middle of the room.


Whichever that is, the interior designer records it and now has a focal point where to begin and assigns a limit where his or her ideas should end.


For example, if you said that you love that stony fireplace born out of a castle but you hate those rattan indoor furniture, your interior designer could suggest to use wood, plastic or leather furniture to go along with your castle-esque fireplace.


Interior designers use a hierarchy when it comes to materials. Sometimes, it’s just something that they improvise as they analyze your taste.


  1. The Colors You Love and Hate


Surely, you have a favorite and least favorite color. If your interior wants to know that from you, know that he or she isn’t going to add it to his or her scrapbook.


Similar to questions one and two, the colors you love and hate draw a spectrum in the color wheel. A combination of colors that will not include the color you hate, along with its related colors, the designer may use in building your home.


  1. Your Inspiration, Or Something That Inspires You?

Interior designers want to know your personality completely and they may ask you about what is satisfying to your eyes. They may ask you why do you love the color red, which object or thing or event made you love the color red. Then they may ask you why do you love the object, thing or event to make an impression on you.


These impressions can help interior designers create drafts for your new home interiors. They want to know if they could capture the moment, the “heart” of your inspiration.


Indoor and Outdoor Decoration Ideas Using Recycled Plastic Bottles

Did you know that you could build so many things with just a little time, a pair of scissors and a great number of plastic bottles?

Plastic has been a pesky pollutant in the world today. It’s the leading source of ozone destroying chemicals, and it does not decompose, as it is inorganic. Instead of getting rid of them, it would be wiser to adapt them to our environment as decorations or useful materials.

Curtains or Room Dividers

How does a 1.5 liter PET Bottle of Coke become magnificent room dividers and curtains? You’ll just need a pair of scissors, tons of plastic bottles, solid wood and sand in a metal bowl or pan.

Now, cut the bottom of the bottle using a knife or the scissors. They should resemble small flowers when you cut the bottom bottle edges. The pre-heated pan sand should help make them easier to cut.

Using a spool of string, tie them up together. Connect them carefully, ensuring that the width between each plastic flower is equal to each other. Create plenty more until you create a curtain.

Foot Stool

No, you wouldn’t need to buy a new stool for your new home. All you need to do is be creative in your approach, and have tons of soda bottles with you. Have yourself ready with about half a hundred soda bottles, large, transparent packaging tape, a pair of scissors, and these other things

-Large card board

-foam rubber or padding polyster

-Old T-shirts

-Any material or cloth for the exterior

-Spray adhesive

-Staple Gun


-No Stitch Glue

Using the transparent sticky tape, bond together your collection of soda bottles. The number of bottles to use depends on how large you want your foot stool to be.

Cut two round pieces of Cardboard. Tape them to the top and bottom of the soda bottles. It should appear as if your soda bottles are inside a can with transparent walls.

Cut two round pieces of polyester or foam rubber and one long rectangular piece. You should be able to join it with the No-Stitch Glue as tight as possible.

Then cover the top and the sides with your old clothing. Stuff them in very carefully and you could also glue them using the no-stitch glue.

Afterwards, cover the new foot stool with any material of your choice.

Herb and Plant Containers

You’ve probably seen these used in plenty of green projects in city gardens and even rural areas. All you need to do is use a knife or pair of scissors to cut open a rectangular area inside a PET bottle. Then stuff them with fertilizer and soil. Plant the seeds and watch them grow.

Due to the unique look of the PET bottle, you could actually hang them in your garden. If you’re planting hanging plants, PET bottle herb and plant containers are a great option.

11 Examples Why Modern Window Furnishings Are Better Than Traditional

One of the primary points when it comes to interior design would be the windows. They are almost always present in every home or structure and they function to bring light and air, among others, into the interiors. Now, pretty frames and panes can be installed but otherwise, they are plain and lacking of aesthetic elements.

That is then where window furnishings come into the picture. They can be classified into two: traditional and modern. Traditional, of course, identifies more to those that are conventional – not exactly old but classic. This includes draperies and curtains. On the other hand, modern is about present day development of designs and forms that exude a different contemporary class. An example would be blinds and shades.

If you were to choose between the two, one that you must prefer over the other would be the modern type. Why so? Here are reasons why, in no particular order:

1. Style
You get to have more elegant and cool choices for this kind. A lot of colour and pattern selections are available to buy online and offline, so whatever your personality and flair is, you will find window treatments that will match it.

2. Material
This is also the same with the quality of your blinds, for example. You do not have to stick to a common and typical one as you can go for others like fabric, faux wood and the like.

3. Price
It is always wise to be practical and opting to go modern does the trick. Wood is preferred because of its strong qualities but it tends to be expensive. Then again, there are alternatives regarding design and function without hurting your budget.

4. Installation
Ever heard of perfect fit blinds online? It is a contemporary type of blinds that directly and easily fit to the window frame. With the right measurements done, you can be able to just set it up yourself – no hassle at all.

5. Coverage
It is important that these treatments do well in blocking sunlight when it is unwanted, among others. If they are not able to accomplish that, then they definitely are not fulfilling their purpose as coverings.

6. Privacy
Speaking of concealment, another quality would be the seclusion that it is able to uphold. Since these blinds are well made and of high quality, nothing is spared to cover the entirety of the window panes.

7. Safety
Coupled with privacy would be safety. Since the eyes of the public cannot reach inside the home, for instance, there is then a heightened sense of protection for its occupants.

8. Cleaning
With the aforementioned Perfect Fit blinds, installing them is easy and that is the same for cleaning. You just have to detach them for a while and do your routine – it will be as good as new in no time.

9. Maintenance
In general, this is about how you can be able to keep these window treatments in good working order from the day you bought and set it up. And it is, without doubt, very convenient as you can do it yourself instead of paying for others to do it.

10. Durability
You can trust that such modern furnishings offer sturdy units that can withstand natural elements that might affect it such as the rays of the sun or the wind.

11. Longevity
And because of the innovations incorporated to these window blinds by technology, you are sure to have them for the long run.

6 Contemporary Living Room Design ideas

When thinking of relaxing and socialising, a place in the home you would likely think about is the living room. It is the designated area for which you and people who are over to just talk and entertain themselves.

Now, with such a purpose, it is then important to make it as functional and beautiful as possible. With a great design, there is a heightened sense of ownership, more so when you have company. You would definitely want to stay there and just enjoy your surroundings.

Whatever the size of your living room, you can go contemporary with these design ideas.

Wall paint. Modernity has much freedom when it comes to colours. You can go simple or crazy – whichever is to your fancy. You can even go for more than one shade and incorporate patterns as well. Paint in itself can dramatically change a room’s aura. If you want a lively and sunshine-y feeling, then you can do so. St Johns Wood painters and decorators can do an awesome job when it comes to this particular need.

Furniture. There is a wide array of pieces you can choose from. Articles of furniture are now smooth and sleek looking, making them visually appealing even as they stand by themselves. On top of that, they are comfortable, perfect when you are alone and/or when you are with someone.

Technology. Televisions at the present times are not just free standing, where you have to put it up a stand. You already have a choice to incorporate them in furniture or even install them on the walls. It comes with an immense price tag but if you have the funds, it will be very well worth it because in the long run, you will get to save some area and use it for other reasons.

Décor. From draperies, carpets, pillows, ornaments and all that, you can certainly take charge. Just like other rooms of the home, you can get to personalise your lounging spot. Colour is also a big factor when talking of these adornments. An important reminder is to really think of your overall theme or colour scheme before establishing anything.

Positioning. Elements in the area will have a different vibe when they are arranged in an unconventional way. Do not just stick to normal and accepted positions. You do not have to, say, push your couch to the wall. Place it anywhere else you like. With this approach though, you have to remember to give importance to space for freedom of movement.

Storage. Innovations include couches and seats that can double function as storage units. You are like hitting two birds with one stone, right? Yes, a simple chair can now act as a depository for your CDs, for example. This is an effective method to keep your belongings intact and accessible, without sacrificing area.

Invest in Swiss Cottage painting and decorating for there is no doubt that they can deliver, especially if you aspire to redo and refashion your living room.

5 Cool Design Ideas For Your Kitchen (With Pictures)

A beautiful home is no doubt a dream of many people. Aside from a functional and comfortable house, they want one that is visually appealing. Living in a grand residence is even a measure of success at times. And so, a lot of folks renovate both their exteriors and interiors to improve and achieve such state of prosperity.

Now, when you are to do this, one of the many rooms you will work on will be the kitchen. The area is of much importance, of course, because cooking and dining are done in there. It can even be a place for socialising and entertaining of guests.

There are many styles you can incorporate and here are five of them:

Contemporary. This kind of kitchen will be great for those who are into trends. Modernity is its main feature. Design and technology are very much up to date. Its characteristics include a clean and smooth look and high end appliances. This is a present day style that will make you and your home ahead of the times.

Gloss. Similar to the contemporary one is a gloss kitchen. Gloss simply means shine and so, this will be incorporated all around the space. Sleekness will surely be accomplished. The colour choices will play a big role; whites and blacks coupled with vibrant shades will make the room pop.

Traditional. For a more classic approach, go for a traditional design. It is a vintage take on the kitchen with components such as wood. Furnishings are made to look antique and old to give them character. Even if time has passed, you will still have a kitchen that is attractive looking.

Timber. Another timeless one would be timber. It is basically wood and so, it has a country or rural feel to it. With materials that are strong and durable, you will be sure to have a kitchen that will last a long time.

Shaker. Go for shaker kitchen designs if you want a cross of conventional and modern. It is also has a bit of a country flair? Wood elements like counters and islands are painted with homey colours such as green and blue.

You can maximise the area of your kitchen by investing in furniture that holds appliances. Some have ovens and stoves already installed in them. You basically buy one unit that has two or more purposes. They make the room more spacious for free movement.

Employing a professional to do the design and installation is beneficial because you will save money in the long run. From the first time around, they can already do everything well, no mistakes will be committed. With their expertise and experience, you can see that they are tried and tested when it comes to their services.

Hence, if you decide to establish any of those designs for your own house, you must hire kitchen designers in Ipswich. You can trust them to turn your dream kitchen into reality. They specialise in these styles, so you are guaranteed only the best.

Practical (Yet Stylish) Design Ideas for Garages

Forget the notion that garages are dirty and ugly! They can be otherwise and you just have to recognize that fact and work on them now. Apart from being a car port, a garage can be an extra space that you can utilize fully and wisely. It can be a storage area (which is happening right now, even) and a place for laundry and some work. But even with these many purposes, it does not have to be unsightly and messy. You can do so much in transforming your garage into a better and more beautiful spot to stay in.

Invest in garage flooring. A good and high quality base is needed for the garage to withstand heaviness and dirt. When the flooring is mediocre or non-existent, it can not only bring damage to the bare floor but it can also harm even you, the homeowner, because you will be prone to pain and accidents. The unevenness and roughness of the ground will certainly make you uncomfortable. There are interlocking tiles for garages that you can avail of, and they are recommended for they are easy and quick to install. You are able to do the work yourself and you will not have to pay for labor and help from a professional.

You can check out the AxleTile durable garage floors range and see if anything fits your standards and concept. Your money will no doubt be worth every penny.

Buy washable paints. To add life and vibrancy to the room, you can make use of paints and even wallpapers. They come in different colors, from light to dark, and different styles, from plain to print. Even just the wall shade can help in turning the garage into a trendy area. Ensure to purchase the washable type for they are easier to clean and maintain.

Set up a relaxation lounge. Who says you cannot unwind in there? Break tradition and put a bed, a couch or the like where you can perhaps sip some coffee, read the morning paper or sleep. You can even place a small TV or a stereo in there to entertain you even if you just got off the car. Convenient, right?

Do storage wisely. Clutter will not move if you do not touch it so it is time to take action now. Keep those you need and let go of the others. You can sell or give it away if you may. A clever technique would be to shop for stowage cabinets, containers and repositories in local and online stores. With them, you are able to properly put away your stuff and you can even label them accordingly so if the need arises for an item, it would be quick to locate them.

Like other parts of the home, you can showcase your persona into your garage. Go all out, experiment and search for many options as possible. Nevertheless, the tidying and maintaining job is still your job so if you want your garage to stay stylish as it is, you have to do it no matter what.

Landscaping for a Relaxing Porch

porchThe home is where the heart is, an old adage says. Aside from the front yard, you would probably like spending the weekend afternoon lounging on a wicket chair in your front porch. Even thinking about it relaxes you, doesn’t it? If you have a choice, how would you like your porch to look like? Well, ideally, you would like those elegant and beautifully designed by landscapers that appear on home magazines. However, you just might not have the budget, for now. Well, you can improve on your present porch without denting your savings. Here are some tips on improving your porch’s personality:

Add the element of water. There is something about water that makes an area of the house serene and relaxing. Look out for an inexpensive small fountain that you can on the corner table. Get one that has a circulating pump so you can hear the water trickling on the stones.

Add some shade. Of course you would want to sit in the cool shade of trees but most veranda styles are covered with a roof. You can extend the shade however by using an old tent canvass that cannot be used anymore because of holes or damaged zipper. Pattern it into a square with holes at each corner. Get some rope and slip ropes into the holes. Look for sturdy poles where you can tie the ropes to extend your veranda shade. This is an ideal place for children to play while you are sitting on the patio. On the other hand, if you have some budget for a pergola, you can add it to extend the patio.

Add some color. Do you love how convenient the whitewashed walls of the country homes are? They are convenient that you don’t have to worry about color combinations that would complement the walls. Add some throw pillows on the veranda couch or flower pots. Ask a specialist in landscaping in west london on the ideal flower plant that will thrive well in the shade.

Add a rug. Adding a rug on the floor will also liven up your porch. It will add to the porch’s personality as well as increase the relaxing mood of the veranda.

Soften with lights. Lights that are installed at the right corners will soften the patio’s overall appearance, making it an ideal place to hold late night coffee with friends and loved ones. However, if you don’t have the money for additional lights, the overhead light can be softened by enclosing it in a wicker light shade.

Add some wind chimes. You don’t like the song your son is playing? Add some music by hanging some wind chimes at the veranda. In combination with your water fountain, flowers, a soft rug to plant your feet on and a good book while sitting in that comfortable lounge chair, the wind chimes will bring that peaceful sound of country relaxation.

You don’t have to live in the country to achieve some country style relaxation. A few additions in your porch will not only add to its personality but will also make it a haven for you and your loved ones.

Landscaping within the Budget

landscaping on a budgetHave you ever heard of landscaping that is just right for the required help you need and fits your budget? Well, there is one. However, you should learn how to effectively determine what you need before calling in the landscaping in clapham so that you can easily tell them what you want accomplished. Here are the basics of what you should do on whatever landscape project that you would want to start whether it’s in your home, office or school:


Assess the area for landscaping. Because you have definitive budget, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get what you want. Assess the area that you want to take care of. Will it be affected by seasonal changes? Are you in a place where drastic climate changes may affect plants and structures?  Is it a place that you expect a lot of people coming in and going? Will the plants that you want, require consistent pruning? These are the things that you should have an idea because from here, you will determine the type of changes and landscape you need.


Problems encountered. Does the area create a pool of water after the rain in a specific area? Does the water flow to the soil and makes the soil turn to mud, drowning the plants that are planted there? Do leaves that fall from the trees accumulate in a specific area? Will raking the leaves involve damaging the plants, too? Do you have an underground room where the water seeps in when it rains? Enumerating the problems that you encounter during each season and weather extremes will help you determine the improvement you have to do first before calling in the landscaping experts. At times, the landscaping experts help you in determining appropriate solutions for these types of issues.


List what is needed. From the objective assessment of the area for landscaping as well as listing the problems you encountered, you will be able to see the actual landscaping needs. It may be an arch over a doorway, or a net where your plants can crawl into or a small bridge to facilitate the flow of traffic to that area. You now have a specific mind setting of what you really need and want in that space in your office, home or school.


What’s the Plan? When everything’s been listed, and you’ve also browsed and seen a lot of landscaping ideas over the internet, it’s time to consult your landscape experts. You should let them see the actual space you want improved and enumerate to them the problems and issues that you encounter during change of weather and seasons. You would also need to state the amount of people that come and go in that area and the improvements you’d like to see, then mention your budget. It is along these lines that the landscape experts will make a plan for you. Examine their recommendations closely and do not be afraid to give out suggestions or modifications you want. Always remember to ask what would be the consequences of the changes and how it will address the problems you see during your assessment of the space you want the workers to work on.


Top 9 Reasons for Landscaping your Lawn

gardeningHave you ever wondered why your neighbors take pains in landscaping their lawns? Did you for a time wished you had the means to landscape your lawn? There are varied reasons that people would want their lawn landscape. Yes, it is always pleasing to the eye to see a well maintained lawn. It relaxes the mind. However, there are other reasons why you or your neighbors would desire it.

Privacy. Landscaping usually involves growing of shrubs and trees. Some people would even add topiary to a small yard. This is because, when shrubs grow, they grow and overlap each other’s leaf. This is especially true if they are planted with minimal distance from each other. Some may not like the idea of installing perimeter fences to border their property, but prefer to have their lawn landscape with trees and shrubs.

Decorate driveways and walkways. Landscaping may also involve arranging walkway bricks and pathways. This adds aesthetic value to the house, making it a valuable sale as well as a joy to go home to.

Children’s safe play area. If you have small kids at home, you would not want them running around inside the house. You would prefer them to enjoy the morning sunshine and avoid messing and breaking anything inside the house. As such, the lawn is the perfect place where kids can enjoy hours without worry to parents.

To provide space for pets to run.  Pets need exercise, too. The lawn can be the best place where the pets can play with your children and run without breaking anything.

Hosting parties and events. If you have a large lawn, this can be a good place to hold parties and events. It saves you money and gas for travel. It also showcases your plants to guests. It is an awesome place to receive guests and friends, too.

A place to relax. Aside from the above mentioned reasons, when you have a well-maintained lawn, it is the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon reading your favorite book or have coffee and tea with friends.

Place to practice and enjoy your favorite sports. You can also install your tennis table and other outside sports that you and your children enjoy. It serves as a place where family and friends come together to enjoy a good game as well as a practice area for your kids’ sports game.

Perfect place to grow plants and vegetables. Gardening stuff is one of the elements of a well-manicured lawn. Old people find solace and relaxation in growing plants and vegetables in the garden and the lawn is the best place to have this kind of hobby.

Al fresco dining area. There may be times that the family needs a change of atmosphere when dining. The lawn can serve as a place where you can serve lunch or dinner, especially if you and your children enjoy the summer breeze. Basically, the lawn is a space where you can transform it into anything that you desire.

Renovating: How to Choose Color for the Kitchen

kitchen color matchingHave you decided to renovate your kitchen? How about the colors that you’ve chosen? Are you considering on matching it with the floor or are you also considering changing the flooring? Before you decide on what color you would like your kitchen to take on this year, read about how you can best arrive at a decision.

There are several factors that you have to take into consideration before finally choosing the new paint for your kitchen. You would want to feel good while preparing the food for the family, right?

Take time to consider the floor. Would you want the floor to match the colors of the other room, or match the color of the kitchen? There are some instances that the house you moved into have different floor types for each room. For instance, your receiving room that leads to the kitchen were of beige hue tiles. You can go to  match the kitchen with it, so you can have the kitchen cabinets and doors at any color you want.

However, if you have stained plank all over the house as your floor, it would be awkward to see the kitchen cabinets and tops with pastel color ones. Well, you can play with the darker colors like gray or black, but it would be nice if your kitchen cabinets would be of the neutral gray, cream or white. If you have small children in the house, sometimes having a white or cream kitchen top and cabinet may mean more time in cleaning and scrubbing for you.

Another option that you can do is to have the floor of the kitchen different from all of the rooms. For one, you can order to have it installed with beige, white or cream tiles. If you do this, you are safe to choose any color you want with your kitchen doors and cabinets.

Majority color of your kitchen appliances. It is also noteworthy to consider the general color of your kitchen appliances. If you already had the kitchen floor changed to the neutral cream tiles, any color of your appliances like the refrigerator would fit in. However, if you have pastel color refrigerators and colorful pots and pans all displayed in a rack, then it would be best that the kitchen cabinets are in neutral colors as well.  This will no longer be a problem majority of your appliances are in dark colors.

The advantage of choosing the neutral colors for your kitchen doors and cabinets will highlight the colorful array of your pots and pans, making this particular room of the house a showcase kitchen for your guests and love ones.

However, if you are still unsure and would like to consult an interior decorator, then by all means do so. You can also ask friends on a better color scheme. You can also browse the internet for ideas and tips. Don’t forget to ask your older kids, especially if they are starting to take interest or showing some passion for cooking.