Landscaping within the Budget

landscaping on a budgetHave you ever heard of landscaping that is just right for the required help you need and fits your budget? Well, there is one. However, you should learn how to effectively determine what you need before calling in the landscaping in clapham so that you can easily tell them what you want accomplished. Here are the basics of what you should do on whatever landscape project that you would want to start whether it’s in your home, office or school:


Assess the area for landscaping. Because you have definitive budget, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get what you want. Assess the area that you want to take care of. Will it be affected by seasonal changes? Are you in a place where drastic climate changes may affect plants and structures?  Is it a place that you expect a lot of people coming in and going? Will the plants that you want, require consistent pruning? These are the things that you should have an idea because from here, you will determine the type of changes and landscape you need.


Problems encountered. Does the area create a pool of water after the rain in a specific area? Does the water flow to the soil and makes the soil turn to mud, drowning the plants that are planted there? Do leaves that fall from the trees accumulate in a specific area? Will raking the leaves involve damaging the plants, too? Do you have an underground room where the water seeps in when it rains? Enumerating the problems that you encounter during each season and weather extremes will help you determine the improvement you have to do first before calling in the landscaping experts. At times, the landscaping experts help you in determining appropriate solutions for these types of issues.


List what is needed. From the objective assessment of the area for landscaping as well as listing the problems you encountered, you will be able to see the actual landscaping needs. It may be an arch over a doorway, or a net where your plants can crawl into or a small bridge to facilitate the flow of traffic to that area. You now have a specific mind setting of what you really need and want in that space in your office, home or school.


What’s the Plan? When everything’s been listed, and you’ve also browsed and seen a lot of landscaping ideas over the internet, it’s time to consult your landscape experts. You should let them see the actual space you want improved and enumerate to them the problems and issues that you encounter during change of weather and seasons. You would also need to state the amount of people that come and go in that area and the improvements you’d like to see, then mention your budget. It is along these lines that the landscape experts will make a plan for you. Examine their recommendations closely and do not be afraid to give out suggestions or modifications you want. Always remember to ask what would be the consequences of the changes and how it will address the problems you see during your assessment of the space you want the workers to work on.


Top 9 Reasons for Landscaping your Lawn

gardeningHave you ever wondered why your neighbors take pains in landscaping their lawns? Did you for a time wished you had the means to landscape your lawn? There are varied reasons that people would want their lawn landscape. Yes, it is always pleasing to the eye to see a well maintained lawn. It relaxes the mind. However, there are other reasons why you or your neighbors would desire it.

Privacy. Landscaping usually involves growing of shrubs and trees. Some people would even add topiary to a small yard. This is because, when shrubs grow, they grow and overlap each other’s leaf. This is especially true if they are planted with minimal distance from each other. Some may not like the idea of installing perimeter fences to border their property, but prefer to have their lawn landscape with trees and shrubs.

Decorate driveways and walkways. Landscaping may also involve arranging walkway bricks and pathways. This adds aesthetic value to the house, making it a valuable sale as well as a joy to go home to.

Children’s safe play area. If you have small kids at home, you would not want them running around inside the house. You would prefer them to enjoy the morning sunshine and avoid messing and breaking anything inside the house. As such, the lawn is the perfect place where kids can enjoy hours without worry to parents.

To provide space for pets to run.  Pets need exercise, too. The lawn can be the best place where the pets can play with your children and run without breaking anything.

Hosting parties and events. If you have a large lawn, this can be a good place to hold parties and events. It saves you money and gas for travel. It also showcases your plants to guests. It is an awesome place to receive guests and friends, too.

A place to relax. Aside from the above mentioned reasons, when you have a well-maintained lawn, it is the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon reading your favorite book or have coffee and tea with friends.

Place to practice and enjoy your favorite sports. You can also install your tennis table and other outside sports that you and your children enjoy. It serves as a place where family and friends come together to enjoy a good game as well as a practice area for your kids’ sports game.

Perfect place to grow plants and vegetables. Gardening stuff is one of the elements of a well-manicured lawn. Old people find solace and relaxation in growing plants and vegetables in the garden and the lawn is the best place to have this kind of hobby.

Al fresco dining area. There may be times that the family needs a change of atmosphere when dining. The lawn can serve as a place where you can serve lunch or dinner, especially if you and your children enjoy the summer breeze. Basically, the lawn is a space where you can transform it into anything that you desire.

Renovating: How to Choose Color for the Kitchen

kitchen color matchingHave you decided to renovate your kitchen? How about the colors that you’ve chosen? Are you considering on matching it with the floor or are you also considering changing the flooring? Before you decide on what color you would like your kitchen to take on this year, read about how you can best arrive at a decision.

There are several factors that you have to take into consideration before finally choosing the new paint for your kitchen. You would want to feel good while preparing the food for the family, right?

Take time to consider the floor. Would you want the floor to match the colors of the other room, or match the color of the kitchen? There are some instances that the house you moved into have different floor types for each room. For instance, your receiving room that leads to the kitchen were of beige hue tiles. You can go to  match the kitchen with it, so you can have the kitchen cabinets and doors at any color you want.

However, if you have stained plank all over the house as your floor, it would be awkward to see the kitchen cabinets and tops with pastel color ones. Well, you can play with the darker colors like gray or black, but it would be nice if your kitchen cabinets would be of the neutral gray, cream or white. If you have small children in the house, sometimes having a white or cream kitchen top and cabinet may mean more time in cleaning and scrubbing for you.

Another option that you can do is to have the floor of the kitchen different from all of the rooms. For one, you can order to have it installed with beige, white or cream tiles. If you do this, you are safe to choose any color you want with your kitchen doors and cabinets.

Majority color of your kitchen appliances. It is also noteworthy to consider the general color of your kitchen appliances. If you already had the kitchen floor changed to the neutral cream tiles, any color of your appliances like the refrigerator would fit in. However, if you have pastel color refrigerators and colorful pots and pans all displayed in a rack, then it would be best that the kitchen cabinets are in neutral colors as well.  This will no longer be a problem majority of your appliances are in dark colors.

The advantage of choosing the neutral colors for your kitchen doors and cabinets will highlight the colorful array of your pots and pans, making this particular room of the house a showcase kitchen for your guests and love ones.

However, if you are still unsure and would like to consult an interior decorator, then by all means do so. You can also ask friends on a better color scheme. You can also browse the internet for ideas and tips. Don’t forget to ask your older kids, especially if they are starting to take interest or showing some passion for cooking.

Don’t drill into your conservatory

I see so many crazy people drilling into their conservatories these days, whether they do it themselves (ABSOLUTELY CRAZY) or they hire a window blinds company and they do it for them (still crazy).

There’s a new type of window blind out now called Perfect Fit Blinds by Harrietts:

perfect  fit roof blinds


That’s how they look on a conservatory roof, if you opt for perfect fit pleated blinds, which are one of the most popular types.

You can see how they cover 100% of the glass to completely block out the sunlight. You can also open them up as much as you like, completely, half, a quarter, whatever you think is best.

What’s best about perfect fit blinds, and why they are a must have for conservatories is because they require absolutely zero drilling.

There’s no damage done to your conservatory at all. If you ever wish to change blinds, or simply remove them altogether, they just unclip and they’re gone. No traces left that they were ever there.

This is a closer image that will maybe explain it better:


The picture above shows the frame that goes around the window, all this does is clips into the glass and it stays there. No drilling at all!

Just something cool I came across when I was looking for new window blinds for the conservatory with it being so hot at the moment, too much heat was being trapped in.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Harrietts Blinds.

Useful home design tip of the day, we should make this a thing.

Strugging to run the home?


Ever feel like you’re multitasking to run your family? Or do you have an older family member that is struggling to run the home?

I just found out about a useful service a friend of mine tried out. He was struggling to run his house after he was in a fairly serious car crash, he’s fine now, but while recovering he needed some extra help around the house.


He also needed some reablement support, which is just to get him used to fully using his body again.

All of this was included in the home care service he received, he found them with a quick google search, home care oundle. He found a care at home provider that also offer live in care and reablement care.

This gave him help with…

  • Shopping – They literally just bought everything on his list for him
  • Keeping the house clean, laundry, etc – General household chores
  • and Reablement support

It’s a pretty cool service, I recommend checking out their home care stamford service too, for anyone based in stamford.

Here’s a video to learn a bit more about care at home:

To learn more about care at home, we recommend home care rutland.

Hope that helps!

Rusted Bathroom Blinds? (Part 2)

This is a 2 part post, go here to read the first part:

Last time we covered the consequences of bathroom blinds…

  • Rusting
  • Falling down
  • Warping
  • And so on…

Today I’d like to go into the specific types of window blinds that are suitable for a bathroom.

Roller Blinds


Put a basic teflon coating on your Roller blind and it’s perfect for any bathroom or wet room. Easy to do, available for any fabric (should the company choose to offer it).

Vertical Blinds


Same as the Roller blinds, throw a Teflon coating on it and it’s 100% moisture resistant. You can also get PVC verticals, ideal for this environment.

Venetian Blinds

Hazel 50mm L

Venetian blinds can come in aluminium slats, making them waterproof. Although the bottom bar and headrail will still be in steel, which can rust, so make sure you specifically request moisture resistant blinds.

Wood Venetian Blinds

wood-illusions_summary image

Wood venetian blinds are technically not waterproof at all. You can get a faux wood venetian blind though that looks almost identical, comes in a wider colour range and is 100% water proof.



While technically not a window blind, they’re practically in the same classification. Shutters can come in a faux wood or vienna option, making them 100% waterproof.

Personally guys, my favourite is Shutters. They’re stunning. But a bit pricey. I’d probably suggest the faux wood venetians if you’re on a budget but still love the best of the best.

Hope that helps your search for bathroom blinds!

How To Choose Bathroom Blinds That Won’t Fall Down

If you don’t want your bathroom window blinds to look like this, then read on.


When exposed to the heat and moisture in a bathroom, window blinds can easily be affected. As seen in the photograph above, this is a worst case scenario of rusting. The reason for these window blinds rusting is because of the headrail and bottom bar they have used, when choosing window blinds for a bathroom you should always opt for aluminium headrail and bottom bars.

The other thing you may notice is that the slats themselves aren’t rusted, again this is because they’re made from aluminium, which is practically rust-proof :-)

We recommend calling a specialist local blinds chester advisor when getting window blinds for your bathroom, and really your entire home.

They can tell you a lot more information that you would be able to get from buying at an online store, plus everything will fit 100% because your blinds will be made to measure.

One resource you may find useful to learn about bathroom blinds is,

It’s quite a simple blog where they talk about bathroom blinds, what you need to know when purchasing them, etc.

Some things they write about:

  • Which types of window blinds are suitable for bathrooms
  • Teflon coatings for fabrics which make them waterproof
  • How much bathroom blinds cost
  • Best ways to purchase bathroom window blinds
  • And much more…

I hope you’ve learnt something new from reading this blog post, if not, then try re-reading it and see if that works. If you still don’t learn anything, leave a comment and complain, or ask me a question and I’ll try my best to answer it :-)

Thanks for reading!


Made to Measure vs Ready Made Blinds

I get asked this a lot – Made to Measure blinds or Ready Made Blinds?

That answer is obvious really, which one looks best? Which one will make your friends say – WOW?

Ready made blinds are cheaper, but a skateboard is cheaper than a car, which one would you rather have?

So here’s how to find the best made to measure local window blinds company…

Start by searching the internet, put in blinds corby or blinds kettering and see what comes up.

You’ll often find a bunch of local window blind companies will come up, they’re the best ones to choose. Most of these will manufacture their window blinds themselves, rather than a national company. Plus, it’s always better to support your local area.

Here comes the next perk of made to measure blinds…

When you call them up they’ll send someone to your home to measure your windows, show you their colours and fabric range and give you a free no obligation quotation. Because they measured it themselves, you’re covered if it comes the wrong size. Ready made blinds need to be measured and cut down yourself, they’ll never look as good as a blind made specifically for your window.

Then once they’ve manufactured your blinds, they’ll also fit them for you as well. You can’t beat that for service!

If you’re interested in a local window blinds company, we recommend:

How to spice up your room with window blinds

Your room is looking great, you’ve got nice walls, beautiful furniture, yet something seems missing. Window blinds. An essential part of the styling of your room, window blinds aren’t just for shading anymore.

There’s no “specific” in-style to window blinds, the most important thing is choosing a pattern or colour that fits with your room?

How do you decide what fits?

Usually you either choose a pattern or colour that matches your room, or choose a pattern or colour that goes with the colours and furniture already in the room.

The other thing you have to think about is how suitable the window blinds are for the room. Roller blinds look great, but they aren’t the best in terms of privacy because you need to have them open or closed.

One of my favourite new trends are Shutters. Technically they’re not a “window blind”, but they’re an interior window furnishing and often sold by window blind companies. Shutters are a high quality product that cost quite a bit more than other blinds, but they look fantastic and can perfectly finish a room.

For Shutters, or even wooden venetians, I would recommend choosing white. Of course colours can look stunning, but a white wooden shutter will go with any room and really bring out the patterns and colours in your room.

You can read more about shutters here: